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Product Detail

Disk based storage device can be used as a storage device or  stand alone backup device.

As a disk backup device and optional bare metal software this unit becomes a power house replacement for legacy tape style backup. 

Product Summary

· Reliable Secure Disk Based Backup

· RAID Protection

· Simple to use

· Backup Restore Data & PST files

· Advanced Business Continuity Software Option

· Remote Management


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The Feature-rich and Integrated Applications for Business
The NAS supports file sharing across Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX platforms. Versatile business applications such as file server, FTP server, printer server, web server, and Windows AD support are provided. The dominant features, such as WebDAV, Share Folder Aggregation (also known as DFS), IPv6 and IPv4 dual-stack, Wake on LAN, schedule power on/ off, HDD S.M.A.R.T, comprehensive log systems, and policy-based unauthorized IP blocking are all included features of a  NAS server.

The Most Complete Backup Solution
The NAS offers complete backup solution for data protection, including cloud-based storage backup,
encrypted remote replication, third party software backup, one-touch-copy backup and  exclusive Windows-based utility NetBak Replicator. The users can choose different backup modes for redundant data backup.


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