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About Us

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Midrange Plus Services began operations in March 1996 as third party service provider for IBM Midrange AS/400 Computer Systems and Peripherals.  Expanding our areas of expertise to include early versions of Novell and growing with Microsoft to provide integration  services for Windows Servers and networking infrastructure. 

Our goal is to understand our customers needs and budget by providing a cost effective solution that Works  and promote a commitment  of trust  that will evolve into an long term friendship.

Our staff of seasoned employees understand the importance of first impressions and strive to accommodate your requests.  Through many years of experience and vendor / partner relationships we are confident  in providing you with a resolution for most issues.

What’s NEW Managed Services, Business Continuity Protection.  We can help.  Remote monitoring services for servers and desktop workstations.  Alerts of error conditions and remedies circumventing loss of productivity.  Protect your business from disaster.  Fire, flood or tornado can devastate with little or no warning.  A recent survey found that viruses were second only to internal system failure as the leading cause of concern for business continuity.  We have partnered with leading providers to remedy your concerns.  Keep your business secure.    

What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to provide repair services for the business platforms we sell install and support.  One company to handle all your needs, Midrange Plus Services.

Give us a call you will be glad you did.     

To contact us: sales@midrangeplus.com